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Correlative Microscopy/Workflow Solutions

Correlative Microscopy streamlines the imaging and analytical workflow in the lab when researchers use multiple instruments or techniques to investigate samples. JEOL enables this easy workflow with a cross-platform navigation solution.

Cross-platform Navigation - SEM Navigator and Image Navigator

A unique combination of hardware and software, the SEM Navigator is used to record an image of the entire sample, then pinpoint the area of interest quickly at higher magnifications. This recorded image is the source for navigation as the sample is moved to the high resolution SEM or EPMA, or for further analytical microscopy techniques such as EDS, CL or backscatter imaging. The SEM Navigator includes an externally-mounted 3Megapixel CMOS camera with a high frequency variable light source (transmitted polarized illuminator available) that records an image of sample in place on the SEM specimen holder. The user can select a field of view as large as 6 inches.

For rapid navigation without the use of the SEM Navigator camera, JEOL’s Image Navigator software allows the user to navigate directly from a recorded image (using CCD camera, optical microscope, digital camera or cell phone). The image is imported using dual point (P-Q) alignment. The user can view various magnifications of the sample simultaneously, or can refer back to stored images for future imaging and analysis.


JEOL integrates optical and field emission electron microscopy with Mixcroscopy, a correlative imaging solution that provides seamless observation of a sample with pinpoint navigation. Watch our Mixcroscopy video.

Equipment and Software

The Nikon ECLIPSE LV-N series optical microscope and the JEOL Field Emission electron microscope work in parallel. The researcher first acquires an optical image, and the image is transferred to the FE SEM. When the sample holder, which is designed to fit both instruments, is moved to the SEM, registration and alignment are maintained via dedicated software. 

Fast Navigation to Regions of Interest

From the SEM, the researcher clicks on regions of interest on the optical image. The sample stage moves to the exact ROI, and the live SEM image can be viewed at the same time on the screen. The exact location observed with the optical microscope is quickly located with the SEM to observe detailed structures at higher magnifications.

Watch our Mixcroscopy video.

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