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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Annular Bright Field (ABF) STEM image of Al2O3 corundum showing positions of the Oxygen atoms. Annular Bright Field STEM is a technique only available on the ARM200F.

JEOL JEM-ARM200F Cs Corrected S/TEM

With advanced analytical capabilities, the JEM-ARM200F enables atom-by-atom imaging resolution and unmatched spatial resolution for atom-to-atom chemical mapping of materials, including EDS (energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy) and EELS (electron energy-loss spectroscopy). The completely new electron column design integrates S/TEM with Cs correction for atomic spatial energy resolution combined with high probe currents for microanalysis. The JEM-ARM200F offers the ultimate stability for imaging and analysis at the sub-nanometer scale.

For more information, see: Development of a Cold Field-Emission Gun for a 200kV Atomic Resolution Electron Microscope

To learn more about how the JEOL JEM-ARM200F has revolutionized TEM with the best atomic level imaging and chemical mapping available, or for a bibliography of papers and proceedings published on the JEOL Cs corrected TEM, please complete the form below.

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Interview with Dr. Tom Isabell
Interview with Dr. Tom Isabell

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