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InfiTOF Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

High resolution at low mass allows the InfiTOF to separate species such as H2+/D+ and He+/D2+

The InfiTOF mass resolving power is >30,000 - more than enough to separate closely-spaced species in gas samples.

The new compact InfiTOF mass spectrometer is designed for real-time, direct gas introduction and analysis. With its high mass resolving power, this system can be used to determine elemental compositions for ions within the range of m/z 1 - 1,000. The hydrogen ion H+ can be detected with this powerful, multi-turn and multi-segment breakthrough in technology that makes it possible to obtain high resolution with a small ion flight path design. The InfiTOF is the latest addition to JEOL's time-of-flight mass spectrometer product line.