Over 70 Years Of Solutions For Innovation


70th The Anniversary With JEOL Instruments

Company Philosophy:

On the basis of "Creativity" and "Research and Development",
JEOL positively challenges
the world's highest technology, thus forever contributing to the progress
in both Science and Human Society
through its products.

Evolving In The 70th Year

Watch Our Video Celebrating Our 70th Anniversary

  • See the JEOL Corporate 70th Anniversary webpage

  • See our Milestones throughout the years

  • Since 2014, we have been running the SEM/TEM/EPMA Image Contest take a LOOK.

  • Please read an in-depth published article on the history of JEOL NMR and ESR.

About Our Corporate Symbol

This symbol commemorates JEOL Ltd.’s 65th anniversary and is representative of JEOL’s determination to enhance our brand. It implies our strong will and commitment to “Creation and Development.”

  • The "JEOL" is the JEOL Logo.
  • The stylized letter “J” is the Motif and is referred to as the Corporate Mark.
  • The Image is made by two dynamic brush strokes representing our philosophy of “Creativity” and “Development”.
  • The circle in the middle represents the globe.
  • The color is deep blue and emerald green representing the challenges of nature and ecology.
  • Please Note:
    • Our Corporate Message, "Solutions for Innovation", is not part of the official JEOL Corporate Symbol. This message is sometimes included for emphasizing our company philosophy.
    • Our Corporate Wordmark is JEOL Ltd.

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