SEM for Neuroscience

Electron microscopy is an invaluable tool for mapping the brain for advanced neuroscience studies. The use of STEM-in-SEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy in a SEM) provides enhanced image contrast at lower voltages making it an excellent method for the characterization of thin sections of brain.

Array Tomography Using Field Emission SEM

  • High lateral resolution images
  • Automatic image acquisition
  • Large volume 3D observation
  • Large area montaging

Serial Blockface Imaging System

  • Integrated Gatan 3View System
  • 3D electron microscopy for large volumes

MALDI Imaging

MALDI Imaging with SpiralTOF Mass Spectrometer

  • Imaging and structural analysis of lipids, steroids and drug distribution directly on a brain or spinal tissue
  • Analysis of charge remote fragmentations (CRF), fragmentations particularly informative for lipids, steroids, and peptides
  • Complimentary technique to microscopy
  • 20 micron laser sampling
  • Silver Nano Particle implantation for enhanced, stable imaging
  • 75,000+ high resolution MS imaging with MS/MS confirmation

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