JEM-2800 High Throughput TEM

The new JEOL JEM-2800 next-generation TEM achieves fast nano-area analysis through automation and high-speed specimen exchange.

This easy-to-use, multi-purpose TEM performs:

  • high resolution TEM and STEM imaging,
  • EDS,
  • EELS,
  • critical dimension,
  • tomography
  • and in situ observation without use of a fluorescent screen.

A large solid angle EDS with SDD achieves superior analytical capability. Automatic adjustment of focus, astigmatism, contrast and brightness and an automated on-screen operating guide make the JEM–2800 a high throughput, user-friendly TEM.

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  • Schottky field-emission electron gun
  • 0.1nm TEM resolution (lattice image)
  • 0.20nm BF/DF STEM resolution
  • 100x to 20,000,000x magnification
  • Automated focusing, stigmator control, contrast and brightness, orientation, Z control
  • Eucentric side-entry goniometer stage (piezo drive)
  • JEM-Navi easy-to-use operation and navigation

Optional Features

  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer with large solid angle
  • Tomography system
  • Digital CCD camera system
  • Heating holder
  • Cooling holder

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