New Dimensions in NMR

Your lab - your choice. We're pleased to give you that choice with the new JEOL JNM-ECZS.

Let us introduce you to our new ECZS NMR! Highlights include:

  • Ultra-compact design with fewer components for easy lab room placement
  • Powerful, auto-tuning Royal Probe combines broadband and inverse probe performance which reduces the need for probe changes or purchasing additional probes
  • Easy-access auto samplers (30, 64, 100) – convenient and safe
  • Advanced, user-friendly Delta software including free site license
  • Low cost of ownership with an increase in productivity and performance
  • Impressive, new-age look spectrometer console

For more than 50 years, JEOL has been known for its wide range of NMR solutions tailored to meet the requests of academic, industrial and government customers; from routine experiments to advanced research. Let us know more about your requirements and help you choose a new solution for your future NMR needs. What can we help you achieve?

More Info

For additional information please contact us at or 978-535-5900.