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Selfie Contest Winners

We're launching a new contest showcasing selfie photos with your JEOL instrument - SEM/TEM/EPMA/NMR/Mass Spec!

JEOL will award four $100 Amazon Gift Certificates for the categories of:

  • Coolest Operator/Instrument Photo
  • Best Instrument Team Photo
  • Vintage Charm Photo
  • Serious Stuff Photo

Share the love and show your style!

We’d like to thank Ke-bin Low and Qiao Qiao for use of this amazing “selfie” style photo taken at University of Illinois Chicago, at the ARM200F TEM, to help us start the contest.

Contest Rules

  • Instrument User must be in the photo with a JEOL microscope, probe, NMR, Mass Spectrometer, or other JEOL instrument.
  • The term “selfie” is used but the photo can be taken by someone else as long as you are in the photo.
  • Photos should be of good quality and in good taste.
  • Permission to share photo on the JEOL website gallery is granted by all people shown in the photo.

Deadline for all photos was April 30. Winners will be announced in May and prizes will be awarded.