InfiTOF Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

The new compact JMS-MT3010HRGA InfiTOF Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer is designed for real-time, direct gas introduction and analysis.

With its high mass resolving power, this system can be used to determine elemental compositions for ions within the range of m/z 1 - 1,000. The hydrogen ion H+ can be detected with this powerful, multi-turn and multi-segment breakthrough in technology that makes it possible to obtain high resolution with a small ion flight path design. The InfiTOF is the latest addition to JEOL's time-of-flight mass spectrometer product line. 

Ideal for Semiconductor Process Gases

The InfiTOF is ideal for monitoring trace impurities in semiconductor process gases, evolved gases from catalytic reactions, vapor epitaxy and more.  InfiTOF instantly separates isobaric gases such CO and N2, or N2O and CO2, for continuous monitoring without chromatography.

Advanced Multi-Turn Technology

With its advanced Multi-Turn technology, the INFITOF provides a variable-length ion-flight path (up to 200 m) in a very compact analyzer (20 cm x 20 cm).

Advanced Multi-Turn Technology

High Mass Resolving Power

The innovative Multi-Turn technology makes the spectrometer compact while maintaining high mass resolving power. The resolving power of 30,000 (FWHM) or higher is achieved even for low masses, such as N2+ (28.0062). With a conventional compact mass spectrometer, it is difficult to achieve mass separation of gas components like carbon monoxide and nitrogen as CO+ (m/z 27.9949) and N2+ (m/z 28.0062), or carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide as CO2+ (m/z 43.9898) and N2O+ (m/z 44.0011).  The new INFITOF system can easily separate these gas components, and it can obtain accurate mass measurements for elemental composition determinations of unknowns or confirmation of known species.

High Mass Resolving Power

Capable of Measuring Hydrogen Ions

The INFITOF is capable of measuring a proton as H+ (m/z 1.0078), as well as hydrogen molecules as H2+ (m/z 2.0157). Hydrogen is typically very difficult to measure with a time-of-flight mass spectrometer because of its very low mass and fast flight velocity, when compared to other elements. The INFITOF, however, easily achieves stable measurements for these species. This capability will contribute to research and development of various advanced materials, including electrolytic reactions and catalyst reactions.

Capable of Measuring Hydrogen Ions

Capable of "In-situ" Analysis and High-Resolution Monitoring

The INFITOF is very compact in size (comparable to a desktop PC) and weight (as light as 40 kg), thus enabling the spectrometer to be easily moved and installed. The INFITOF can be mounted on a cart for easy mobility.  For samples that are difficult to transport such as gas samples generated in a draft chamber or a glove box, the INFITOF enables "In-situ" analysis and high-resolution monitoring through a suitable gas connection.

JMS-MT3010HRGA INFITOF measurements

Two Videos Showing The INFITOF's Advanced Multi-Turn Technology

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