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PyJEM is provided, as standard, on all JEOL columns and allows for advanced scripting to access control of the microscope hardware (apertures, stage) and software (beam deflectors, lenses, imaging modes…) for customizable features and automation.
The purpose of this forum is to provide a community discussion resource for sharing information related to JEOL’s PyJEM interface.
Information, such as, documentation (e.g. PyJEM manual, offline version, latest build), script download and upload, and a discussion page targeted to specific topics/discussions are all accessible to registered users.

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This community forum is for discussions related to PyJEM. For direct technical questions/issues please post your questions to https://github.com/PyJEM/PyJEM/issues
Disclaimer: These scripts and resources are being provided as a convenience; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by JEOL USA, Inc. of any of the products, services, or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. JEOL USA bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content of the scripts or resources.
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