Poster Presentation at ASMS from JEOL (June 2023)!

Please come and experience our latest technology!

We will present three posters (WP265-267) at the "GC/MS: Instrumentation and Applications" session on Wednesday, June 7th, at ASMS. Our presentation will focus on a new structural analysis method for GC-MS data using machine learning. We will also introduce applications of polymer analysis using pyrolysis GC-MS, as well as collaboration data with MALDI-TOFMS.
Wed Workshop 12
Polymeric materials: tackling hydrocarbon-based polymers
Polymeric Materials Interest Group
Presiding: Thierry Fouquet, Anthony Gies
Room 340AB

WP 006
DART-TOF for Rapid Forensic Analysis of Oil Spills. What Can We Measure?
Robert B Cody 1; Krishnaja Tikkisetty 2; Paige McCallum 2; Taylor Filewood 2; Jeffrey Yan 2; Honoria Kwok 2; Pamela Brunswick 2; Dayue Shang 2
1JEOL USA, Inc., Peabody, MA; 2Pacific and Yukon Laboratory for Environmental Testing, North Vancouver, BC
WP 265
Development and Evaluation of a Structural Analysis Method Using the EI Mass Spectrum Prediction Model by Machine Learning Technology
Ayumi Kubo1; Azusa Kubota1; Masaaki Ubukata1; Timothy Bergeron2;
1JEOL Ltd.; 2JEOL USA, Inc.
WP 266
Structural Analysis of Polymer Materials Using Pyrolysis GC-HRTOFMS Data and a Predicted EI Mass Spectral Database Compiled by Machine Learning
Azusa Kubota1; Masaaki Ubukata1; Ayumi Kubo1; Kenji Nagatomo1; John Gonzales2;
1JEOL Ltd.; 2JEOL USA, Inc.
WP 267
Characterization of UV-degraded Polyethylene Terephthalate by Reactive-Pyrolysis GC-TOFMS and MALDI-TOFMS
Takaya Satoh1; Masaaki Ubukata1; Azusa Kubota1; Ayumi Kubo1; Robert A. Dipasquale2;
1JEOL Ltd.; 2JEOL USA, Inc.

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JEOL Anniversary Party

Join us Wednesday 6/7 at 8:30 PM for a special night in honor of 60 years of Mass Spectrometry innovation and 20 years of DART-MS. The event will feature the following:
  •  JEOL Mass Spec Announcements
  • Champagne toast
  • Raffle Drawing

20 Years of DART-MS

We’ll be celebrating the DART’s 20th birthday all week in our suite. Stop by to sign our giant birthday card, grab a party hat and shake Dr. Chip Cody’s hand!

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