The JEOL USA Mission

On the basis of "Creativity" and "Research and Development", JEOL positively challenges the world's highest technology, thus forever contributing to the progress in both Science and Human Society through its products.
Here at JEOL USA, we aim to empower the scientific community by delivering outstanding technology and superior support while maintaining a leadership position in the industries and institutions that we serve.

The JEOL Legacy

Since 1949, the JEOL legacy has been one of outstanding innovation in developing instruments used to advance scientific research and technology. JEOL has more than 70 years of expertise in the field of electron microscopy, more than 60 years in mass spectrometry and NMR spectrometry, and more than 50 years of e-beam lithography leadership. To learn more about our history, visit our company milestones page.
JEOL USA, Inc., incorporated in the United States in 1962, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JEOL Ltd. Japan. The primary business of JEOL USA is sales of new instruments and peripherals and support of a vast installed base of instruments throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America.

JEOL USA Headquarters

JEOL USA headquarters are located in Peabody, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. Field service personnel, applications scientists, technical support, sales and marketing, product management, training instructors, and administrative personnel make up a committed team of more than 300 people dedicated to making JEOL an outstanding supplier of scientific instruments. To join our team, check out our current career opportunities
The JEOL campus houses the JEOL Technology Center, New England, where customers can see and receive training on our Electron Optics and Analytical Instruments. The main parts depot and service center for the western hemisphere are also located here.

The JEOL Corporate Mark

Our Corporate Symbol was redesigned in 2014. This symbol commemorates JEOL Ltd.’s 65th anniversary and is representative of JEOL’s determination to enhance our brand. It implies our strong will and commitment to “Creation and Development.”
  • The "JEOL" is the JEOL Logo.
  • The stylized letter “J” is the Motif and is our Corporate Mark.
  • The Image is made by two dynamic brush strokes representing our philosophy of “Creativity” and “Development”.
  • The circle in the middle represents the globe.
  • The color is deep blue and emerald green representing the challenges of nature and ecology.

International Standard Authentication Information

The JEOL Ltd. headquarters in Japan and associated Group companies obtained their first certifications for ISO 9001 in December 1995 and ISO 14001 in December 2002. Since then, the certifications have been updated and the JEOL Group companies have complied with the newest standards: ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. ISO certification information is shown below.
Certification authority
Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS-UK Branch
Registration numbers
ISO9001:4705112 1.0
ISO14001:4705114 1.0

Supplier Code of Conduct

JEOL USA, Inc. is aware of its corporate responsibility towards the people, communities, and environment wherein we and our suppliers conduct our business. We support a sustainable development policy and the conduct of our people and suppliers is a crucial part of that policy. The conduct of our supplier network is part of our organizational conduct policy and is governed by our business integrity policy as well as our company ethics standards.

To read more about our policy, you can find more details via this link.
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