Built-in Plasma Source

This plasma source can be incorporated into a vacuum chamber and generate high-density plasma. The plasma source can be used as Ion Plating (Plasma Assisted Deposition) for thin films, especially optical thin films. Film quality such as density, adhesion, flatness, index of refraction and absorption are improved by comparison with usual vacuum deposition method.


Example of Installation:


  • Generate high density plasma in a vacuum chamber
  • Available for large area
  • High deposition late (same level as vacuum evaporation)
  • Reactive deposition are possible
  • Low absorption (oxidation action)
  • Production of environmentally stable films
  • Index of refraction are improved
  • Adhesion, film density and film flatness are improved
  • Can select from irradiation-beam and reflection-beam methods

Example of Optical Thin Film:


  • Plasma output: Up to 6.08kW
    (Discharge voltage: 160V, Discharge current: 38A)
  • Operating pressure: 1×10-2 to 1×10-1 Pa
    (Ar, O2 or N2 environment)
  • Discharge gas: 8 to 20 mL/min (Ar gas)
  • Cooling water: 7 to 10 L/min (10 to 25°C)

Technical Information:

Here you can download an exellent overview on the various applications of the JEOL High-Power Built-in Plasma Gun.

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