JEOL USA Transmission Electron Microscopes

JEOL is a world leader in the development and manufacture of leading edge, high performance, high stability Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM). JEOL introduced its first TEM over 70 years ago and has been developing and producing TEMs designed for life sciences and material sciences ever since. Many of the world’s laboratories utilize JEOL TEM/STEMs to further their research efforts.
JEOL’s innovations in TEM/STEM technology range from extreme ultrahigh-resolution optics that enable atom-to-atom imaging and analytical characterization down to the picometer level. In addition, JEOL is constantly optimizing the user experience including the development of more efficient ergonomic designs, user-friendly software and remote operation to optimize tool utilization.
Making use or JEOL TEM/STEM technology, biologists and pathologists can view and reconstruct 3D images of structures at the cellular level. Structural biologists can utilize Single Particle Analysis (SPA) workflows that allow for leading edge single particle resolution down to the angstrom level. Crystallographers, metallurgists, or semiconductor research scientists take advantage of the high voltage/high spatial resolution TEM/STEMs to routinely image/analyze materials at the atomic level. Material researchers monitor and design materials at the nanoscale with custom-tailored properties. JEOL TEMs are at the core of many laboratories for multidisciplinary purposes among several research teams.
There is a JEOL TEM for every application, including cryotomography, STEM, Low Dose, EELS and EDS. With the addition of energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDXA) or energy loss spectrometry (EELS), the TEM can also be used as an elemental analysis tool, capable of Imaging/identifying elements down to the picometer level.


JEOL USA offers a full TEM product listing for your scientific needs.
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