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  • High resolution 3D reconstruction
  • Maintains high level of detail through large data set
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Drosophila S2 cells thin section
Sample courtesy of Prof. Benjamin Kapek, Hope College

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Protein labeling, stereocilia and tip links
Courtesy of Corey Lab, Harvard University

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Enterobacteria phage T4

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Courtesy of Skidmore College

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3View tomography of mouse brain
– Reconstruction of axon and vesicles

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Zika Virus
Inst. Microbiology/Immunology, Univ. of Ljubljana

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Montage of rabbit retina
Marc Lab, Univ. of Utah

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Human Colonic Mucosa
Janet E. Schwarz, Univ. of Vermont

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Developing spermatids in seminiferous tubule epithelium
Dr. Patrick C. Nahirney, Univ. of Victoria

Life Sciences Applications

On the forefront of a field that advances at an exhilarating speed, researchers in the life sciences need the most powerful instruments available for imaging and analysis at the nanoscale, where life begins and where living organisms interact.

JEOL TEMs allow the researcher to directly visualize cellular structures, viruses and individual proteins prepared using a wide selection of sample preparation techniques, ranging from ultrathin sectioning to vitrification of unstained and unfixed biological materials. JEOL SEMs provide high resolution montages and three-dimensional images of structural details.

JEOL FE-SEMs enhance imaging and throughput capabilities with image quality and resolution that rivals a TEM. An ideal tool for research and teaching facilities, the FE-SEM can be equipped with a Transmission Electron Detector, 3View Tomography and other analytical accessories.

JEOL Mass Spectrometers are used for protein characterization, proteomics, pharmaceuticals, drug development, and high throughput screening.

JEOL NMR spectrometers are used in a broad range of applications, from analysis of molecular structure, dynamics and interactions between various molecules, to fundamental material studies. Those applications are extensively used in many fields and areas, including drug research and development, structural molecular biology, development of battery technologies, food analysis and more.

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