JEOL Milestones






  • 10th Anniversary of introduction of award-winning DART™ Direct Analysis in Real Time ion source
  • New "best-in-class" Field Emission SEM JSM-7200F and new versatile, compact tungsten SEM IT100 series introduced
  • JEOL introduces new generation InTouchScope IT100 Series SEM


  • Introduction of Grand ARM 300kV TEM with 63pm resolution
  • JEOL USA launches Image Contest
  • New ECZ Series NMR Spectrometer introduced


  • New Zero Boiloff Magnet for NMR
  • JEOL and Zoex Partner to Offer Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (GCxGC) for High Sensitivity Mass Spectrometer AccuTOF-GCx
  • JEOL partners with Gatan to offer Serial Block Face Imaging for SEM
  • 1400PLUS 120kV TEM, IT300 extended pressure SEM introduced


  • JEOL USA celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • JEOL Brasil moves to new office
  • JEOL introduces new Field Emission SEM series with sub-1 nm imaging capabilities and analytical characterization at the sub-100nm scale
  • Fast, small solid state NMR probe introduced


  • 1000 Cross Section Polishers sold worldwide for sample preparation
  • 100 JEM-1400 TEMs sold worldwide
  • JEOL USA receives its 11th Omega Award for outstanding service
  • R&D 100 Award goes to InTouchScope (JSM-6010) SEM
  • MT10-Award goes to ClairScope atmospheric SEM
  • JEOL chemist receives prestigious Anachem Award
  • New Chilean partner, Arquimed, announced
  • Environmental Control System for labs introduced
  • Large Angle SDD-EDS for TEM introduced
  • Joint venture company, JEOL Resonance, formed for NMR and ESR


  • R&D 100 Award goes to ClairScope atmospheric SEM
  • JEOL receives 10th Omega award for customer service
  • JEOL offers first commercially available thin film phase plate technology for TEM


  • JEOL receives 9th Omega award for customer service
  • JEOL introduces ClairScope, JASM-6200, first integrated correlative microscopy tool
  • JEOL introduces JEM-ARM200F, atomic resolution analytical microscope with STEM-HAADF resolution of 0.08 nm


  • JEOL receives 8th Omega award for customer service
  • JEOL introduces benchtop SEM with LV and high resolution


  • JEOL ships 10,000th SEM unit from Technics group in Japan
  • JEOL receives 7th Omega award for customer service
  • Cross-Atlantic operation of JEOL aberration-corrected TEM
  • JEOL TEMs installed in BioSafety Level 3 Lab
  • JEOL introduces cyber-enabled NMR


  • Minimum linewidths of 8nm achieved with direct write lithography system
  • New ultrahigh resolution FE SEM achieves true 1,000,000X imaging
  • JEOL speeds NMR experiments with ability to perform DART mass analysis directly from NMR tube
  • JEOL announces untethered TEM – on-the-go microscopy with cellular connection


  • Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART™) revolutionizes mass spectrometry
  • DART wins Pittcon Editors’ Gold Award, R&D 100 Award
  • 360° wafer edge review improves yield with wafer analysis SEMs
  • Sirius remote TEM operation software lets scientists see atoms from halfway around the world
  • JEOL USA named Major Industrial Partner with MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
  • DART appears on popular crime television show CSI
  • U.S. Patent awarded for DART
  • JEOL receives 5th consecutive Omega award for outstanding service


  • Argon beam cross section polisher introduced to prepare distortion-free SEM samples
  • GCMate II mass spectrometer used in analysis of antioxidants in blueberries
  • New Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) maps with analytical resolution approaching 100nm
  • JEOL receives 4th consecutive Omega award for outstanding service


  • Introduced ultrahigh resolution TEM – JEM-2100F
  • Automated structural elucidation software for NMR introduced
  • Cs corrected SEM developed – JSM-7700F
  • JEOL receives 3rd consecutive Omega Award for outstanding service
  • Cross-section FIB/STEM solution introduced
  • Introduced ultrahigh resolution TEM – JEM-2100F
  • ColdSpray ionization source introduced for AccuTOF MS
  • New CD Metrology Software announced for JEOL SEMs
  • New SPM introduced for native environment imaging – JSPM-5200
  • JEOL Ltd. ISO 14001 certified


  • TEEMmate mass spectrometer for explosives introduced
  • JEOL West Coast Technology Center in Pleasanton, California opens
  • Robert Santorelli appointed JEOL USA President/COO
  • Gentle Beam technology introduced with new JSM-7400F SEM
  • New generation of high resolution SEMs introduced  (JSM-6360 /LV and JSM-6460 /LV)
  • New generation of NMR spectrometers introduced – ECA/ECX
  • JEOL receives Omega Award for outstanding service
  • APIA membership


  • New Time-of-Flight LC/MS AccuTOF™ introduced
  • JEOL receives Omega Award for outstanding service


  • I-Checker Wafer Process Monitor introduced
  • New multipurpose lithography/inspection SEM (6500F)


  • JEOL celebrates 50th Anniversary
  • Winner of VLSI Research Top Ten Award for service


  • Winner of VLSI Research Top Ten Award for service


  • Recipient of National Semiconductor Silver Award


  • First JEOL SPM introduced


  • First JEOL Wafer Inspection System


  • JEOL USA, Inc. moved to new Peabody, MA headquarters


  • Soquelec, Ltd. becomes JEOL representative in Canada


  • First JEOL e-beam lithography system introduced


  • First JEOL SEM introduced
  • JEM-1000 Ultrahigh Voltage (1000 kV) Electron Microscope completed


  • First JEOL MS introduced


  • JEOL shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • JEOL CO (USA) INC. established as the first overseas subsidiary.


  • Akishima Factory Building No. 1 (South Wing) completed.
  • Company name changed to JEOL Ltd.


  • First JEOL EPMA introduced


  • First JEOL NMR introduced


  • First JEOL TEM introduced


  • Japan Electron Optics Laboratory Co., Ltd. established in Mitaka, Tokyo.
  • JEM-1 electron microscope completed.

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