Multipurpose Analytical S/TEM

JEM-F200 "F2"

JEM-F200 "F2" Multipurpose Analytical S/TEM

The JEM-F200 "F2" Multipurpose Analytical S/TEM is the only advanced analytical, high throughput 200kV S/TEM in its class to offer a Cold Field Emission Gun and dual Silicon Drift Detectors. The 'F2' employs the newest in JEOL innovations in an easy-to-use, extremely stable, high resolution imaging and analytical 200kV TEM. The F2 is a multi-purpose workhorse system with advanced features not found in any other non-aberration corrected S/TEM.

The boost in probe current from the Cold FEG combined with dual EDS detectors makes the F2 a top performance analytical S/TEM. The high brightness/narrow energy spread of the next-generation JEOL Cold-FEG achieves high energy resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) for rapid identification of chemical bonding states. Dual Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) offer the ultimate high sensitivity and throughput for X-ray analysis. Additionally, the new Advanced Scan System employs De-Scan to achieve wide-field STEM-EELs spectrum imaging.

The F2 features a quad lens condenser system that independently controls electron beam intensity (spot size) and convergence angle.

With more versatility and functionality than ever before in a non-aberration corrected S/TEM, the F2 operation is easier as well. More than 100 beam conditions can be selected at the push of a button, and prior settings can be easily recalled. ECO mode saves power consumption.

A new automated sample holder transfer system, the SpecPorter, makes it easier than ever before to load samples. Once loaded, the PicoStage conducts precise, high speed sample movements of 0.5 nm steps, allowing the operator to move the field of view smoothly over a wide spatial scale range from millimeters to picometers.

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Key Features

  • Quad lens condenser system
  • Advanced scan system
  • Pico stage drive for ultra-fast, high-precision movement of field-of-view
  • SpecPorter automated sample holder transfer system
  • Cold FEG with narrow energy spread
  • Dual Silicon Drift Detectors
  • Intuitive and efficient operation


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