Embedded EDS for SEM

Embedded EDS for SEM

JEOL is a leading manufacturer of EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) detectors for electron microscopy.

Our analytical model SEMs include a fully-embedded JEOL EDS microanalysis system with advanced functionality. From our benchtop SEM to our highest-resolution FE SEM, we offer an EDS spectrometer designed by JEOL exclusively for each model of JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope.

With the analytical SEM you can view the EDS spectrum in real-time while searching for the area of interest on the sample. Our EDS software makes it possible to perform Live Analysis, high resolution spectral mapping and quantitative mapping, drift compensation, line scan, and the ability to collect large area montage maps all in the Standard EDS software package.

The JEOL integrated EDS detector is capable of detecting elements from Be to U. Detection limits are typically considered to be ≥1% for low atomic number elements (F to Be) and ≥0.1% (1000 ppm) for higher atomic number elements.

JEOL’s Advanced EDS package (Standard on IT500/IT700/IT800 series of SEMs) offers: 

  • Qbase: a spectra library created by the user for spectra search/match capabilities
  • Playback analysis: allowing time resolved hyper-spectral mapping
  • Quantification with standards (not available on the NeoScope)
  • EDS detector sizes ranging from 25mm 2 to 100mm 2
  • Dual EDS capability – can be configured with optional Gather-X, our Windowless
  • EDS
EDS configuration for FE SEM

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Designed by JEOL Exclusively for JEOL SEMs

JEOL’s embedded EDS detector is available on these model SEMS:
Higher sensitivity and low-energy X-Ray detection down to Lithium, JEOL offers the new Gather-X windowless EDS detector exclusively for the JSM-IT800 Field Emission SEM.


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