NEW! GC/Triple Quadrupole MS
for trace analysis.

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SpiralTOF MALDI Image of nicotine in a fingerprint

AccuTOF-DART Analysis of a Spice drug

GC x GC / HRMS Analysis of diesel fuel

JEOL Mass Spectrometer Solutions for Today’s Analytical Challenges


Reflectron Time-of-Flight

  • AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha
    -High-resolution and high mass accuracy
    -Variety of ion sources and direct probes

Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight

Mass Spec Instrument Software

  • msFineAnalysis
    -Auto-qualitative Analysis Software
    -For the AccuTOF™ High Res GC-TOFMS

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Magnetic Sector

60 Years of Mass Spectrometry Poster

Click on the image below and then download the file for a better resolution image.

History of Mass Spectroscopy poster