Liquids/Solution State Probes

Besides the ROYAL probes, we have a wide range of other probes such as small and large diameter probes, multi-RF channel probes with various frequency combinations, and background free probes for interference free observation of specific nuclei.

Ultrahigh Sensitivity Autotune Probes using Cryogenic Probe Technology

UltraCOOL & SuperCOOL probes feature significantly improved sensitivity. They reduce thermal noise by cooling of both detection coil and preamplifier.

The UltraCOOL probe achieves more than 4 times the sensitivity of conventional probes, while the SuperCOOL probe achieves double. Measurement times using the UltraCOOL probe are only 1/16 that of a conventional probe. What used to be an overnight measurement can now be achieved in a lunch break!

The SuperCOOL probes reduce measurement times to just 1/4 so many more samples can be measured in a day. Both UltraCOOL and SuperCOOL probes accept 5mm diameter tubes, have a wide temperature range from -40°C to +150°C , and are also suitable for polymeric samples of high viscosity.

All Liquids Probes