JEOL USA Industrial Equipment

JEBG Series / High Powered Electron Beam Sources
High powered electron beam sources designed to uniformly deposit metal oxides onto wide plastic films or steel plates in a continuous feed.
JEBG Series / Electron Beam Sources
Electron beam sources for the deposition of thin films in optical, optoelectronic, and semiconductor applications as well as thick films in general industrial applications.
JST-F Series
Power supplies for above electron beam sources.
Built-in Plasma Systems
Enhance the quality and function of thin film production.
BS-60050EBS Electron Beam Source with reduced backscattered electrons
Electron beam source minimizing backscattered electrons entering substrate and reducing film absorption.
Rotary Sensor
Used for crystal oscillation type film thickness controller and used to monitor a deposition rate and film thickness in a vacuum depositon process.

Not all JEOL Industrial Equipment products are available in every country. For specific information and more details about JEOL products available in your area, contact the IE International Business Office at Thank you.

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