JEOL Electron Beam Lithography System

We offer the widest range of e-beam tools for mask, reticle, and direct-write lithography, from high volume production to advanced research and development of NIL, photonic crystals, and sub-10 nanometer linewidths. Whether your applications are for next generation and beyond, production of ultra-high accuracy reticles and FET devices, ASIC fabrication, or direct pattern lithography on wafers, JEOL has a solution. We also offer a range of Field Emission SEMs that are expandable for simple lithography and research applications.

Available Models:

  Emitter Accelerating Voltage Min. Beam Size Wafer Size Beam Shape Deflection
JBX-3050MV LaB 6 single crystal 50 kV   Substrate Size:
6 inch mask
Variable shaped Vector scan
JBX-8100FS ZrO/W (Schottky) 100 kV / 50 kV / 25 kV <2nm Up to 200mm wafer Spot Vector scan
JBX-9500FS ZrO/W (Schottky) 100 kV / 50 kV 4nm (100 kV)
7nm (50 kV)
Up to 300mm wafer Spot Vector scan
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