MALDI Imaging SpiralTOF™-plus
Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer

The MALDI SpiralTOF™-plus Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer is ideal for MALDI imaging. The MALDI SpiralTOF is a MALDI-TOF MS incorporating JEOL’s unique SpiralTOF™ ion optic system. Featuring unprecedented levels of mass resolution and sensitivity, the system has been acknowledged for its distinctive capabilities in various scientific studies.

SpiralTOF-plus - JMS-S3000

  • “Perfect Focusing” ion optics mean no loss in ion transmission due to beam divergence
  • High resolution mass spectra are acquired for the entire image
  • High resolution and mass accuracy are not lost for samples that are not perfectly flat
  • High-speed data acquisition reduces imaging time
  • Laser spot size ~ 10 µm2 to 100 µm2
  • No PSD artifacts - "clean" low-mass background
  • TOF/TOF option with high resolution single isotope precursor selection for MS/MS imaging

Introductory Video To Mass Spectrometry Imaging Using SpiralTOF

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MALDI Imaging SpiralTOF
Product Info

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MALDI Imaging SpiralTOF™-plus Details

  • Ultrahigh mass-resolution MALDI imaging
  • Maintains high mass resolution for non-flat samples
  • Linear TOF for high-mass analysis
  • Optional TOF/TOF for MS/MS with high-energy CID

MALDI Imaging

Analysis of organic compounds on an acrylic plate using S3000 - MSTips - 251
Ballpoint Ink Analyses Using LDI Imaging and SEM EDS Techniques
Degradation analysis of PET film by UV irradiation using MALDI-MSI & FE-SEM-HS05
Degradation of PET by UV irradiation using S3000 - MSTips 307
Fingerprint Analyses Using MALDI Imaging and SEM Imaging
Gold Star Mothers Stamp - Analysis Using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Mass Spectrometry
Gunshot Residues (GSR) Analysis by Using MALDI Imaging
High Mass Resolution MALDI-Imaging MS
High Mass Resolution MALDI-imaging MS using JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF and msMicroImager
High Mass Resolution MALDI-MS Imaging Part II - Using the MALDIVision from PREMIER Biosoft
High Mass-Resolution MALDI-imaging MS for Drug Metabolism in Tissue Using the JMS-S3000
Imaging Mass Spectrometry using JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF
MALDI Imaging and Structural Analysis of Lipids
MALDI-Imaging MS of Lipids on Mouse Brain Tissue Sections Using Negative Ion Mode
MS imaging for visualizing synthetic polymers combined with KMD - MSTips - 306
MS imaging for visualizing synthetic polymers using average MW and p as indices - MSTips - 305
MSI on mixed conductive non-conductive substrate using S3000 - MSTips - 288
Tissue imaging with high mass-resolving power and high-energy CID