Smart – Flexible – Powerful:
A New Generation of JEOL FE SEM

ZeroMag Streamlines Sample Navigation as Magnification Increases

To streamline navigation to the area of interest, the Zeromag navigation function seamlessly transitions between optical imaging to ultrahigh magnification for nanoscale investigation with the high-powered optics of the SEM.

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EDS Live Analysis Directly from SEM Imaging

Integrated EDS with Live Analysis transitions seamlessly and immediately from high resolution SEM imaging to elemental analysis by EDS. The user simply selects the area, mapping, line, or another type of analysis directly on the observation screen to begin automatic live display of the elements in the specified location. On the monitor, a spectrum of the constituent elements in the observation area is always displayed. Further detailed EDS analysis is activated immediately from the control bar.

SMILE VIEW™ Lab for Data Management

SMILE VIEW™ Lab streamlines data management, analysis, and report generation. A report compiling the optical and SEM images and EDS analysis results can be created with a single click.

The new JEOL Field Emission SEM doesn’t just revolutionize electron microscopy usability, it revolutionizes beam optimization and stability for ultrahigh spatial resolution.

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