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JEOL NMR systems serve some of the world's leading scientists – what can we help you achieve?

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Expertise

For more than 60 years, JEOL has produced high performance Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers for structural analysis of organic compounds, natural products, protein drug interactions, and polymers (we have manufactured one of the highest field magnetic fields for NMR in the world). The NMR spectrometer is an indispensable tool for structural determination of molecules, molecular motions, and interactions. JEOL offers a wide range of high-performance NMR spectrometers. We regularly manufacture a wide range of spectrometers. For Routine NMR experimental use, we offer 400 MHz spectrometers. For experiments requiring more sophisticated measurements, we offer several models at progressively higher field strengths. Most commonly manufactured are, 500 MHz, 600 MHz, 700 MHz, and 800 MHz NMR Spectrometers. Higher fields are available, please inquire.

What Can We Help You Achieve?

  • Ultra-compact design with fewer components for easy lab room placement
  • Powerful, auto-tuning Royal Probe combines broadband and inverse probe performance which reduces the need for probe changes or purchasing additional probes
  • Easy-access auto samplers (24, 30, 64, 100) – convenient and safe
  • Advanced, user-friendly Delta™ software including free site license
  • Low cost of ownership with an increase in productivity and performance
  • Impressive, new-age look spectrometer console

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CRAFT for Delta 5.3 Software

NMR in pharmaceuticals

Find out more about NMR’s growing role in pharmaceutical development and the importance of new probe technology. Visit our new resource page.

NMR Systems

The ECZL range of NMR spectrometers was created with decades of innovation and practical expertise. There are three models:
  • ECZL G series (400 MHz to 1.3 GHz) - Our flagship model supporting expansion to more than 3 channels, with various options for high power amplifiers, and high magnetic field gradients
  • ECZL R series (400 to 600 MHz) - Fixed-configuration high-performance instrument capable of solid-state NMR measurements with less than half the footprint and only one-third the volume of previous models
  • ECZL S series (400 MHz) - Same architecture and performance as G and R models, with a configuration that is streamlined for routine solution NMR measurements.
The ECZL NMR spectrometer series is equipped with JEOL’s unique Smart Transceiver System (STS), which uses a fusion of the latest integrated digital circuit and high frequency technologies.
JEOL has pioneered NMR probes for decades, having attained the world’s fastest spinning speed for NMR with our 0.75mm solid state NMR probe. Our range includes:
Manufactured to our specifications by Jastec, our compact JJ magnets feature low cryogen consumption cryostats, extremely small B0 drift characteristics and excellent homogeneity.
Compared to alternative products, the magnet footprint is smaller and the minimum ceiling height is reduced. The consumption of liquid helium has also been reduced and the interval for refill is correspondingly longer.

Delta NMR

JEOL NMR spectrometers feature Delta™, the most advanced NMR software platform available, combining spectrometer control and data management into a single robust application. Delta allows concurrent processing of multiple data sets and simple, seamless operation that unifies NMR data acquisition, processing, visualization, and output.

JASON Software

JEOL Analytical SOftware Network, is a new suite of tools for processing and analyzing and reporting NMR data developed by JEOL. Features include:
  • Simplified user experience
  • State-of-the-art peak picking
  • Optimised workflows multiplet analysis
To learn more, please visit our dedicated website and download a free trial version.

Walkup NMR

JEOL “Walkup NMR” automates NMR experiments for students or lab personnel running single or multiple samples with the JEOL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance system.
Integration of CRAFT with DELTA version 5.3 software allows the JEOL NMR user to automatically and efficiently extract the best data possible from amplitudes and frequency.

Easy Access Changer

JEOL autosamplers are available for 30, 64, or 100 samples and sample access is ADA compliant for height and reach.
The sample is transferred to the NMR probe using a convenient and safe manipulator - no need for a step ladder to change sample! Once loaded into the waist level carousel, there is no further handling of the sample tube and the transfer in and out of the magnet is safe and automatic even for different tube diameters.

Top-loading Carousel (ASC24)

This auto sample changer for 24 samples (ASC24) is a carousel type sample positioned on top of the super conducting magnet. No additional floor space is required. The exchangeable carousel greatly extends the flexibility of this auto sample changer.

Pre-Heat (ASC30)

The Pre-Heat ASC30 is designed for polymer research. It is capable of keeping 12 samples at up to 160°C. This heating holder is completely independent from the carousel (conventional room temperature sample slots), and room temperature samples are available without any special manual handling. This ensures simple sample changing automation without the need for steps or ladders as sample transport is fully controlled by the software.
JEOL’s new Cryogen Reclamation System offers a convenient, reliable and highly effective solution to managing and maintaining your NMR instrument’s cryogen levels by substantially reducing the evaporation of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen from the superconducting magnet (SCM) via helium and nitrogen recovery.

Helium and Nitrogen Recovery System

NMR Applications

Regulators now expect pharmaceutical developers to know much more about their drug compounds – and to have this information early in the development process – so NMR has been on the rise. Read more about NMR in pharmaceutical development and download a case study.
With so many drugs on the market now fluorinated, 19F NMR spectroscopy is an important tool for their analysis. JEOL’s ROYAL HFX NMR Probe offers the ability to manipulate the 1H, 19F, and 13C spins simultaneously without the typical loss in performance associated with traditional NMR probes designed for proton-fluorine NMR spectroscopy.
Biotech companies are increasingly looking to new/improved technology to get the extra insight that comes from combining analytical technologies. NMR is used to inform and optimize cell culture media composition and to monitor nutrient depletion, build-up of metabolites and toxins in the fermentation process. NMR plays an important role in the evaluation of the quality of biologics and also in the approval of biosimilar versions of innovator biologics. Download our Bio app note to find out how JEOL is helping biotech companies to succeed.
NMR has long been a preferred method for organic compound analysis, but it’s quantitative NMR (qNMR) that’s making waves in a field that has so far been reliant upon chromatography for its quantitative analysis requirements.
Food characterization is becoming more important due to food fraud scandals around the world, changing consumer attitudes towards what’s in their foods, increased regulation regarding substantiation of health benefits, scrutiny of labels and the drive for transparency, provenance and sustainability. Food matrices can be complex and difficult to evaluate with techniques such as GC-MS alone. NMR methodology enables primary and secondary metabolites to be identified and quantified, delivering high-throughput spectroscopic and structural information on a wide range of metabolites simultaneously. To find out how NMR and other techniques are being used in the modern food industry, download our food app note.
To ensure the performance and quality of Lithium ion batteries, analysis and evaluation is done using several types of JEOL instrumentation. NMR is one of the few methods available for directly observing and measuring the Li nuclei, enabling the acquisition of various data, such as the amount, chemical state and motility of the Li in a sample, regardless of the location, or whether it is a cathode, anode or electrolyte material. Download our LIB app note to find out more.
The 13C/1H-NMR database for natural products [CH-NMR-NP] is mainly composed of natural products that were published in major journals in the years between 2000 and the spring of 2014. The total number of compounds is approximately 35,500.
On our corporate dedicated web-page you can access this database.

60 Years of NMR Heritage

In 1956, the first JNM-1 NMR instrument was released by JEOL (at that time, Japan Electron Optics Laboratory Co. Ltd.) and since then, the company has achieved many NMR industry firsts, including:
World’s first light pen operation.
Superconducting magnet with a resonance frequency of 200 MHz.
World’s first full automatic spectrometer.
World’s first auto-tuning unit and auto-tune probe, enabling completely remote operation.
World’s first spectrometer supporting 10 RF channels.
World’s first practical NMR instrument that does not require liquid helium refills.
World’s first liquid NMR probe switchable between single tune and dual tune mode without compromising NMR performance.
Today, we take great pride in the long-term stability of our organization and employees who help make JEOL a valuable partner. JEOL customers not only acquire an NMR product that will be of value for many years, they forge a relationship with an organization that will be a lifelong resource for their laboratory, FAB, and business challenges. We are a premier NMR manufacturer and will be proud to be the NMR vendor for your needs. Please also read our published comprehensive history of JEOL NMR.

Recent NMR News

RIKEN-JEOL Collaboration Center

RIKEN logo
RIKEN is Japan's largest comprehensive research institution renowned for high-quality research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines. Founded in 1917 as a private research foundation in Tokyo, RIKEN has grown rapidly in size and scope, today encompassing a network of world-class research centers and institutes across Japan.
Since its establishment in November 2014, the RIKEN-JEOL Collaboration Center has worked on research and development for technologies and applications in the field of Solid State NMR and multi-modal imaging. Since FY2018, it has also addressed the development of advanced cryo-electron microscopy, with the aim of creating new innovations to better compete in the the global marketplace.
The Center is comprised of three units:
  • The Nano-crystallography unit
  • The Multi-Modal Microstructure Analysis Unit
  • The Advanced Electron Microscope Development Unit
This collaboration between JEOL and RIKEN has led to the publication of over 70 papers. JEOL is proud to be on the cutting edge of research and our work with RIKEN is pertinent to these efforts.

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