Field Operation Solutions

Factory Certified Engineers
On average, our engineers have 20, or more, years’ experience working with our instruments. Their expert level insight allows them to be precise and timely with their solutions.
Technical Support
JEOL customers have access to our Service Support Group. Comprised of our most qualified individuals, there is a designated expert for each model of instrument. With their help, you can find a solution for any challenge.
Service Level Agreements
With our wide selection of agreement choices, we encourage our customers to consider what option is best for their needs. By connecting with your Account Manager, we can provide you additional guidance.
Administrative & Managerial Employees
Located in Peabody, MA, our administrative personnel are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive top service. With their assistance, you will quickly be directed to solutions.
Repair Center
Located in Pittsburgh, PA, our repair center helps us quickly repair or test parts. Since we are based in the US, our customers can expect quick turnaround.

Additional Solutions

Room Surveying & Layout
JEOL instruments should be in an ideal environment to ensure they are running at top performance. This means that they should be unencumbered by acoustic pressure, vibration, AC/DC fields, and temperature fluctuations.

JEOL is equipped to measure these variables and utilize your architectural floor plan to best decide on a location for your instrument.

Environmental Remediation
Through monitoring of acoustic pressure, vibration, and potential electromagnetic interference - JEOL can suggest environmental remedies to have your instrument performing at its best.
Relocation Services
If you plan on relocating your instrument to another room or a different facility, JEOL can help. Our Field Service Engineers are experts in the installation process. As an additional benefit, service contract customers receive a 20% discount on the labor.
JEOL continues to support instruments through upgrades that add new features or enhancements.