Atomic Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope

JEM-ARM300F2 GRAND ARM™2 Transmission Electron Microscope

The new JEOL JEM-ARM300F2 Grand ARM™2 has been optimized for ultrahigh resolution imaging, down to the picometer level, combined with highly sensitive EDX and high-resolution EELS analysis over wide range of accelerating voltages. The GRAND ARM2 enables the characterization of a wide range of materials at the atomic level.

With the new Grand ARM2 objective lens pole piece design, a small gap objective lens that is optimized for the ultimate resolution can be configured with Dual large area (158mm) SDD’s for a large combined detection EDX solid angle with Ni P/B >4,000. This new lens design allows for extreme high TEM/STEM resolution with high EDX analytical sensitivity. Additionally, EELS data acquisition can be optimized and acquired out to >5,000ev.

The GRAND ARM2 with automated accelerating voltage settings, Cs corrector alignment routines, and lens optimization procedures promotes ease-of-use while providing the ultimate in functionality and performance.
high-performance analytical instrument with unparalleled flexibility

No compromise in spatial resolution

new pole piece design yields increased EDS solid angle without sacrificing resolution

Mitigation of environmental effects

new enclosure reduces impact of air flow, temperature changes, and acoustic noise

Ultimate functionality

automated HT settings, corrector alignments, and optimized lens routines promote ease-of-use

Application Notes

Featured Research Papers

Ultra-high contrast STEM imaging for segmented/pixelated detectors by maximizing the signal-to-noise ratioAtomic Resolution TEM, STEM imaging

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Direct Imaging of Local Atomic Structures in Zeolite Using Optimum Bright-Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy OBF, STEM, Zeolite, Catalysts, Atomic Resolution TEM, Grand ARM

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Atomic resolution EDS map by GRAND ARM™2 with FHP2 pole piece and 158mm2 dual SDD system
Live observation of OBF-STEM images

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