JEOL JES-X3 Series ESR Spectrometers

A new design of microwave unit. Much better sensitivity using ‘High Sensitivity Mode’

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR), also known as Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), is a powerful analytical method to detect, analyze and determine the characteristics of unpaired electrons in a substance. It is clear that the state of electrons in a substance have a strong influence on its characteristics and functionality, so evaluation by ESR is becoming more and more important. Many types of substances, from electronic materials to catalysts to biological samples can be studied regardless of whether they are solid, liquid, or gas. A wide range of ESR techniques are possible using suitable attachments together with the basic instrument.

Recently, it has been widely accepted that even relatively few unpaired electrons in a sample can affect the function of the material, so lower detection limits (higher sensitivity) is required of ESR measurements. JEOL has achieved higher sensitivity by developing a low-noise Gunn oscillator for its new spectrometer, the JES X3 series.

JEOL JES-X3 Series ESR Spectrometers

New functions for data acquisition and analysis enable a smooth transition from initial experiment selection to final detailed measurement.

  • New Auto-tuning that has better reproducibility and shorter tuning time.
  • Fully flexible sequential measurements including randomized values of parameters, e.g. sample temperature, microwave power, etc.
  • A foot operated trigger (option) to start data measurement can be used to minimize dead time after reagents are mixed to generate short lived radicals.

Major New Functions

  • Easy-to-use operation interface under Windows10™
  • Hands-free measurement start using foot switch.
  • Both progressive and randomized settings of sequential measurement parameters possible.
  • Improved display of multi-dimensional data.
  • Batch processing of sequentially measured data, including background subtraction.

Major Features

  • For measuring radicals generated by photo-irradiation, the standard universal cavity has an optical irradiation window which has high transmittance.
  • High stability Auto-tuning.
  • Each attachment easy to attach and detach.

Learn More

You can also read an in-depth published article on the history of JEOL NMR and ESR

Available Models

  Pole Diameter Pole Gap Max. Field (T) Homogeneity Sensitivity
JES-X310 15 cm 60mm 0.65 5 x 10-6 5 x 109 spins / 10-4 T
(at 100 kHz modulation)
JES-X320 24 cm 62mm 1.30 5 x 10-6 5 x 109 spins / 10-4 T
(at 100 kHz modulation)
JES-X330 36 cm 75mm 1.40 5 x 10-6 5 x 109 spins / 10-4 T
(at 100 kHz modulation)

Application Notes

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