Auto Fine Coater – JEC-3000FC

Fully automated sputter coater

Excimer UV Cleaner SM-92100EUVC

The JEOL Auto Fine Coater applies a fine grained, platinum coating on non-conductive samples for SEM imaging. A platinum target is delivered with the system. Other targets are available such as Au and Au/Pd.

This simple to use sputter coater features fully automated vacuum (with air or argon purge) and sputtering. Option for rotating and tilting specimen stage for coating specimens with complex topography.

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Key Features

  • Applies a thin film conductive coating to the sample that is effective in eliminating charging with non-conductive materials or enhancing secondary electron emission.
  • Uses a low voltage discharge technique with a magnetron electrode for high efficiency, cold sputtering.
  • Automatic or Manual control. Gas type Air or Argon.
  • Thickness of the coating can be tuned by changing the sputtering current, sputtering time, distance from target, and the distance from center of the stage.

Application Notes

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