SpiralTOF™ MALDI TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer

Revolutionary, Ultrahigh Performance TOF Ion Optics

SpiralTOF mass spectra of Irganox 1010 in PMMA solution.

Separation of isotopic peaks for oxazepam and diazepam.

17m flight path with figure 8 ion trajectory.

17m flight path with figure 8 ion trajectory.

MALDI image of smoker's fingerprint.

SpiralTOF™ MALDI TOF/TOF Details

  • SpiralTOF, TOF/TOF and Linear TOF analyzers
  • Ultrahigh resolving power of >75,000 over wide mass range
  • Sub-ppm mass accuracy with internal standard
  • Mono isotopic precursor selection
  • True high-energy (20 keV) CID
  • Free of artifacts from post-source decay (PSD)

SpiralTOF/SpiralTOF-TOF Applications Notebook

Spiral TOF-TOF

Analysis of Phosphopeptide using TOF-TOF
1/10/2013 590.0 KB
Analysis of the Natural Organic Compound SAAF Using TOF-TOF
8/23/2012 389.7 KB
Analysis of the Natural Organic Compound YTX Using TOF-TOF
8/23/2012 407.9 KB
Comparison of the JMS-3000 SpiralTOF-TOF and a 4-sector Tandem Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer
1/10/2013 726.3 KB
Distinguishing Lysine and Glutamine in a Peptide
7/26/2012 623.6 KB
High-energy CID Mass Spectrometry of Oligosaccharides
4/13/2013 1.0 MB
High-Energy CID MS-MS Analysis of Small Organic Molecules
1/10/2013 474.3 KB
MALDI for Polymer Analysis - Synthetic Polymers and Additives
7/26/2012 670.5 KB
MALDI for Small Molecule Analysis - Triazine Pesticides
4/30/2012 764.6 KB
SpiralTOF Applications Notebook 2016
11/21/2018 16.5 MB
SpiralTOF-TOF Analysis of Bovine Serum Albumin
6/26/2012 686.8 KB
Structural Analysis of a High Molecular Weight Peptide
7/26/2012 439.6 KB
Structural Analysis of Oxidized Triolein
4/17/2013 743.2 KB
Structural Analysis of Triacylglycerols by Using a MALDI-TOF TOF System with Monoisotopic Precursor Selection (J. of Am. Soc. for Mass Spec, Dec 2012)
Structural Analysis of Triolein
11/6/2012 438.5 KB
Structural Analysis of Tristearin
11/6/2012 497.9 KB
Synthetic Polymer Structure Analysis - Poly Propylene Glycol {PPG)
7/26/2012 542.3 KB
Synthetic Polymer Structure Analysis - Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
1/10/2013 521.6 KB

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