Smart Coater

Fully automated sputter coater

Smart Coater

The JEOL Smart Coater is a fully automated sputter coater that applies a fine grained gold or platinum (option) coating on samples for imaging in a scanning electron microscope.

This simple-to-use sputter coater features fully automated vacuum and sputtering. Insert your samples, turn the unit on and select the sputtering time. The chamber will evacuate and sputtering will begin automatically. When the unit is powered down, it vents to atmosphere.

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Key Features

  • Applies a thin film conductive coating to the sample that is effective in eliminating charging of non-conductive materials or enhancing secondary electron emission.
  • Uses a low voltage discharge technique with a magnetron electrode for high efficiency, cold sputtering.
  • Low voltage sputtering, as well as having the sample isolated from the electrode, minimizes sample damage.
  • Thickness of the coating is influenced by distance from target, distance from center of the stage as well as sputtering time.
Basic coating conditions and resulting film thicknesses
  • Gold (Au) Target: Sample at 20mm (WD)
    5nm at 1min, 10nm at 2min
  • Platinum (Pt) Target: Sample at 20mm (WD)
    4nm at 1min, 8nm at 2min

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