JEBG Series / High-Power Electron Beam Sources

JEBG Series / High Power Electron Beam Sources are designed to uniformly deposit metal oxides onto wide plastic films or steel plates in a continuous feed such as in magnetic tape manufacture for high-density recording or in wrapping-film manufacture with an oxide barrier function. Electron beam sources are also used for depositing of MgO film on plasma display panels and for development of surface-treated steel plates. Electron beam sources are also used for the melting of high-melting-point materials and high-purity metals.


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Key Features

Type of Source Electron bombardment cathode self-accelerating type
  Max. output Max. scan width Max. scan frequency Scan direction Application power supply
JEBG-3000UB 300kW (40kV. 7.5A) ±500 200Hz x and y JST-300C
JEBG-1000UB 100kW (30kV. 3.4A) ±400 200Hz x and y JST-100C
EBG-300UA 30kW (20/15kV. 1.5A) ±350 300Hz x and y ST-30BE2


Watch our new video showing the JEOL High-power Electron Beam Source instrument undertaking vacuum melting of high-melting point metals. Also shows various beam irradiation patterns and areas that can be created with our dedicated control device and software.
Here is another video showing our JEBG Series High-power electron beam undertaking a "2 line scanning" method.
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