Useful Electron Microscopy Links

Advanced Microscopy Techniques, Inc.
Worldwide supplier of microscopy products.

Boston Museum of Science
Has an interesting web site providing information on their electron microscope exhibit. Some good images to view.

The Digital Microscopy Facility
Provides state of the art microscopy services to the Mount Allison research community and their affiliates. Check out the SEM WebCam.

EAG Laboratories

Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory
The Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research and The Center for Structural Biology of The University of Florida.

Gatan, Inc.
The world's leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes.
A very complete Microscopy Vendors Database (MVD). Has over 1,100 listings.

Linear Research Associates
Manufacturer of high-performance commercial active magnetic shielding systems for Electron Microscopy Sites, Research Laboratories, Calibration Facilities, and MRI.

iXRF Systems, Inc.

Materials Research Society

M.E. Taylor Engineering, Inc.
Supplier of electron microscopy accessories, equipment, custom machining and laboratory services.

McCrone Associates, Inc.
A world leader in materials characterization, has an informative web site describing the various microanlytical techniques they use to identify small particles, contaminants, corrosion, thin films, etc.

Microscopy & Analysis
Microscopy & Analysis is circulated free of charge to users who specify microscopical, imaging and analytical equipment in Europe, The Americas and Asia/Pacific. Visit our website for more information.

Microbeam Analysis Society
An organization of professionals who work with or have an active interest in microbeam instrumentation.

Microscopy & Microanalysis
Provides access to up-to-date information on Microscopy and Microanalysis programs in the AAEM/TPM effort of the ANL Materials Science Division, as well as information on services that are administered for Local, National and International Microscopy/Microanalysis Societies.

Microscopy Today
A general interest magazine for microscopists. MT is free to any microscopist in the USA and to members of the Microscopy Society of America anywhere.

The Microscopy Society of America
An organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the knowledge of the science and practice of all microscopical imaging, analysis and diffraction techniques useful for elucidating the ultrastructure and function of materials in diverse areas of biological, materials, medical and physical sciences.

MicroWorld Resources and News
Provides information on all types of microscopy, surface science, imaging, image analysis and processing, and microanalytical techniques including x-ray and spectroscopy.

South Bay Technology
Manufacturer of precision sample preparation equipment and supplies for Metallography, Crystallography and Electron Microscopy.

SPI Supplies - Structure Probe, Inc.
A worldwide manufacturer and distributor of sample preparation equipment and consumable supply items for electron microscopes.

High-quality, hand-crafted Dumont Tweezers.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Virtual JEOL FESEM at the University of Nijmegen
View applications online with the FESEM simulator. Also provides useful information on microscopy technique.

WWW-VL: Microscopy
World Wide Virtual Library. Has over 800 links to web sites on microscopy.

The York-JEOL Centre for Nanolithography and Analysis
The York-JEOL Centre represents a major long term collaboration between the University of York, Yorkshire Forward and JEOL UK Ltd who are world leaders in electron optics. The intention is to create a world-class research facility with a critical mass of workers at the University, specialising in electron microscopy AND nanolithography.