Rotary Sensor

Rotary Sensors are original products by JEOL. This Rotary Sensor is used for crystal oscillation type film thickness controller and used to monitor a deposition rate and film thickness in a vacuum depositon process. 6 or 12 crystals are incorporated in the head of the Rotary Sensor. When a crystal failure occurs, the crystal moves automatically and enable continuous evaporation process by using new crystal. The detection hole is in a fixed position, so there is no need to change the value of tooling factor each time a crystal is moved. It is useful for long-time and thick or multi films coating process. We have 2 types of sensor head, 180° (flat) type and 45° type.

(A) Rotary Sensor head (B) Rotary Sensor (Body) (C) Electromagnetic valve kit
Spec Model Length * Model Spec Model
BS-04120SSH 200 mm BS-04010SSR 5V BS-04160KIT
300 mm BS-04020SSR
350 mm BS-04030SSR
400 mm BS-04040SSR
450 mm BS-04050SSR
480 mm BS-04060SSR
45° BS-04130SSH 500 mm BS-04070SSR 24V BS-04170KT
540 mm BS-04080SSR
545 mm BS-04090SSR
580 mm BS-04100SSR
650 mm BS-04110SSR

* Length part, including sensor head, is inserted into the vacuum chamber

Select in the form of A + B + C

Rotary Sensor head (180°) + Rotary Sensor (200mm) + Electromagnetic valve kit (5V)
BS-04120SSH BS-04010SSR BS-04160KIT

As for 12 sensors, please contact us.

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