BS-60050EBS Electron Beam Source with reduced backscattered electrons

  • BS-60050EBSElectron source minimizing backscattered electrons entering substrate.
  • Reduces film absorption.
  • External accelerating voltage selection while keeping high vacuum.
  • Wide beam scanning range up to 50 mm in diameter.
  • Incorporates a 270° permanent magnet, electromagnet, and long lasting filament.
  • Simple design featuring contamination resistance and easy maintenance.

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BS-60050EBS Key Product Features

Maximum power 10 kW (1A at 10 kV)
Accelerating voltage range -4 to -10 kV
Beam deflection angle 270° (permanent magnet and electromagnet used)
XY scan width Maximum 50 mm in diameter (at -6 kV)
XY movement Maximum 50 mm in diameter (at -6 kV)
Scan frequency X: 50 Hz; Y: 500 Hz
Working pressure 7.0x10-2 to 5.0x10-5 Pa
Cooling water 5 to 8 lit/min (temeperature 10 to 25°C)
Differential pressure: 0.15 to 0.3 MPa
Outer dimensions 177(W) x 284(D) x 140(H) mm
Weight Approx. 14kg
Applicable power supplies JST-3F, JST-10F, JST-16F