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Triple-Quad Mass Spectrometer

The JMS-TQ4000GC is an ultrahigh-speed triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer that accurately measures trace or residual pesticides in agricultural materials, trace levels of regulated chemicals in tap water, and simplifies quantitative analysis of persistent environmental pollutants such as dioxins and PCB’s.

The JMS-TQ4000GC allows chemists to look at hundreds of samples quickly and obtain detailed analyses of target compounds.

It achieves the fastest Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) switching speed in the industry at 1,000 channels/sec. Chemists can analyze multiple target compounds with high accuracy.

Fast and Accurate Quantitative Values

The JMS-TQ4000GC offers three distinct technologies for high speed analysis:

  • Ion Accumulation - the short collision cell accumulates ions and ejects them in rapid pulses. The noise level of the signal is reduced by synchronizing the timing between pulsed ion ejection and signal acquisition, making high-sensitivity analysis possible.
  • Short Cell - the short collision cell accumulates the ions for a given short time and then ejects them in a pulse. The noise level of the signal can be reduced by synchronizing the timing between pulsed ion ejection and signal acquisition, making high-sensitivity analysis possible.
  • Fast GC technique – By using a capillary column with a small diameter and short length with a fast oven temperature ramp, the TQ4000GC can reduce measurement time, significantly expediting routine analysis. Because the peak widths in the Fast-GC chromatogram are narrow, high-speed transitions are required. Short collision cell technology provides enough high-speed transitions for Fast-GC measurement without any sensitivity loss.

Easier and Faster Data Analysis

With an easy-to-read layout and simple operation, the TQ4000GC data analysis software "Escrime™" was developed for simultaneous multi-component analysis. Chromatograms are arranged in a vertical column making it easy to compare samples. Combined with the compound “slideshow” function, the Escrime software makes it easy for the chemist to confirm all samples and components.

Wide Range of Organic Analyses

In addition to the standard electron ionization (EI) source, the JMS-TQ4000GC also supports optional chemical ionization (CI) and photoionization (PI) sources, enabling easy acquisition of molecular weight information. The system is not limited to just GC-MS and can also do 2 types of direct probe experiments: direct insertion probe (DIP) for insoluble compounds and direct exposure probe (DEP) for high boiling point and labile compounds.

Easy Maintenance

No tools are required to remove the ion source from main body. The high pumping capacity of the vacuum system makes it possible to resume analysis very quickly.

JMS-TQ4000GC Triple-Quad Mass Spectrometer Details

  • Short collision cell for higher sensitivity, higher throughput with shorter acquisition times
  • Fastest SRM switching speed in the industry – 1000 transitions/sec
  • Rapid pulsed ion ejection without crosstalk (ion interaction among SRM channels)
  • EI (standard), CI, and PI (optional) sources
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Powerful and easy-to-use software for data analysis and reporting
  • Direct Probes: Direct insertion probe (DIP) and direct exposure probe (DEP)