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High Throughput Analytical Electron Microscope


JEM-ACE200F High Throughput Analytical Electron Microscope

An automated, high-throughput S/TEM designed to meet the unique demands of semiconductor device development and manufacturing. The JEM-ACE200F High Throughput Analytical Electron Microscope delivers fast, stable, and highly-resolved data acquisition for morphological observation, critical dimension measurements and elemental analysis. The JEM-ACE200F can utilize pre-programmed recipes for wholly unattended operation. Based on the industry-standard ARM200F and F2 JEOL instruments, the ACE provides superb stability and resolution.

Key Features

  • CFEG source with available optional second-generation Cs Corrector (ASCOR)
  • HAADF/BF STEM and Secondary Electron detectors standard
  • Dual, large-area EDS detectors for high speed chemical analysis
  • AutomationCenter automatic data acquisition system

Application Notes

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