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Chemistry Applications

Mass Spectrometry – JEOL’s high resolution mass spectrometers are used to accurately identify the chemical composition and the structure of molecules in substances, and to analyze chemical reactions. From characterization of unknown chemical structures using LC or GC (liquid or gas chromatography) to instantaneous detection of counterfeit drugs or environmental toxins using revolutionary open air mass spectrometry (DART), JEOL mass spectrometers serve science and research in many impactful ways every day.

Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) – Developed in 2003, DART has completely revolutionized mass spectrometry. For the first time in the history of mass spec, researchers can analyze the chemical composition of samples without sample alteration, in an open air environment. The AccuTOF-DART has gained rapid acceptance at pharmaceutical companies, universities, homeland security sites, and world class forensics labs.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy – The JEOL NMR offers unique advantages in the study of both small and large molecules and their chemical structures using 1D, 2D, 3D, and solid state spectroscopy. NMR experiments are made simpler through automated functions, including gradient shimming, variable temperature control, and sample exchange.

NMR & Mass Spec – A novel concept: NMR experiments combined with DART open air mass spectrometry to instantly acquire mass spectra of a sample in an NMR tube, without further sample preparation. Unbeatable productivity and turnaround time for students and universities, and for busy labs.

Features of JEOL NMR Instruments:

  • Delta NMR Software
  • High-field NMR
  • Protein structure
  • Multi-channel architecture
  • Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
  • NMR probes
  • 1D, 2D, 3D, and solid state

NMR Applications:

  • Chemical structure elucidation
  • Natural products
  • Polymer structure
  • Protein structure

Features of JEOL MS Instruments:

  • Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART™)
  • LC/MS and GC/MS
  • Electrospray/APCI
  • Nanospray
  • Accurate Mass Determination
  • High dynamic range
  • Selected ion monitoring
  • MS/MS

Mass Spectrometry Applications:

  • Accurate mass determination
  • Natural products
  • Synthetic polymers
  • Environmental
  • Petroleum

Identifying unknown compounds, analyzing chemical and molecular structures, investigating protein structures and drug interactions are key applications for JEOL mass spectrometers and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers.

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