Field Emission Cryo-electron Microscope

CRYO ARM™ 200 Field Emission Cryo-electron Microscope

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has taken enormous flight in recent years. Atomic level structural analysis of viruses and proteins derived by cryo-EM using SPA workflows requires high stability hardware and software. JEOL proudly announces its latest offering in cryo-TEMs to facilitate this development in cryo-EM with the CRYO ARM™ 200. The CRYO ARM™ 200 achieves unprecedented resolution and stability thus allowing for the automatic and unattended acquisition of image data for Single Particle Analysis.

Automated specimen exchange system

The system is composed of an autoloading specimen stage cooled to liquid nitrogen temperatures and a cryo-storage device for long-term storage of up to 12 frozen-hydrated specimens. Liquid nitrogen is automatically supplied to both the stage and storage system as required. The autoloader allows loading of retrieval of up to 4 grids at a time without impacting the remaining samples in the cryo-storage device. Specimens are stored and labeled using a unique system fully transparent to the operator. These unique capabilities enable beamline-like scheduling of microscopy.

Cold field emission gun (Cold FEG)

The cold FEG produces a high-brightness electron beam with a very small energy spread, thus offering high temporal coherency. In addition, spatial coherence is improved resulting in the CRYO ARM™ 200 achieving superior resolution and contrast compared any 200 kV cryo-TEM currently on the market.

In-column energy filter (Omega filter)

Equipped with an improved in-column energy filter (Omega filter), the CRYO ARM™ 200 acquires energy filtered images and energy loss spectra. Zero-loss imaging with the CRYO ARM™ 200 yields data with higher contrast due to reduced chromatic aberration.

Automated image acquisition software for Single Particle Analysis

The CRYO ARM™ 200 incorporates automated software for Single Particle Analysis (SPA) workflows called JADAS. This software allows for automated detection of holes on the specimen grid for automated, unattended acquisition of high-resolution images. Additionally, the CRYO ARM™ 200 is fully compatible with SerialEM (UC Boulder).

Hole-free phase plate *1

The hole-free phase plate (HFPP) consist of a thin, continuous carbon film placed in the back focal plane of the objective lens, thus providing a substantial improvement in image contrast of frozen-hydrated specimen. Manufacturing of the HFPP uses a unique methodology resulting in robust and reliable performance at reasonable prices.

Auto adjustment functions *2

Auto focus, auto coma-free alignment, auto parallel-beam illumination and other automated adjustments are available, enabling image acquisition under optimum conditions.

*1: Optional unit. *2: Images acquired with the bottom mount camera are used.

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Just Announced

SCMI Consortium chooses JEOL JEM-Z300FSC CRYO ARM™ 300

SCMI Consortium chooses JEOL JEM-Z300FSC CRYO ARM™ 300


Sub-2Å Structures: From Holes to Hydrogens
Presented by Jana Ognjenovic, NIH National Cryo EM Program June 2021 - MicroComII 24 Hours of Life Science Program

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Key Features

  • Accelerating voltage: 200kV
  • Automated specimen exchange system
  • Cold field emission gun
  • In-column energy filter (Omega filter)
  • Automated image acquisition software for single particle analysis
  • Hole-free phase plate
  • Auto adjustment functions

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