Semiconductor Applications

Front-end and Back-end Solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Research and Manufacturing

There are many steps in semiconductor fabrication, requiring highly specialized tools for each process. From initial writing of sub-micron and nanometric patterns onto masks, reticles, or wafers…to high precision cross-sectional samples of processed wafers and imaging these microscopic slices…to rapid analysis of particles and defects on the wafer surface or edge.

JEOL offers several tools to aid research and manage yield.  We produce e-beam lithography systems and FE-SEMs used to write high precision masks, reticles, and wafers.  FIB/SEM solutions for high throughput, cross-section imaging and defect review tools designed for rapid inspection.

JEOL offers leading-edge solutions for 200/300mm, nano-fabrication processes and research -- backed by award-winning 24/7 service support and long-term commitment to our customers.

JEOL has served the semiconductor industry for more than 50 years with both e-beam and ion beam optics designed for precise patterning and inspection. Our latest generation of tools offers advanced capabilities that will take you through several next-generation designs – through the 22nm node.

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