Geological Sciences

JEOL instrumentation is widely used in both industry and academia for microanalysis and high spatial resolution imaging of geological samples. We invite you to learn about our Electron Probe Microanalyzers and Scanning Electron Microscopes and their capabilities for:

  • Geochronology Monazite Age Dating
  • Monazite Age Dating
  • Trace Element Mapping
  • Quantitative Analysis Data in Minerology
  • Mineral Liberation Analysis (see Oxford Instruments AZtecMineral)
  • Zoned Materials
  • Petrology
  • Meteorites
  • Oil Shale

Microprobe (EPMA) and Auger

Extreme elemental analysis of sub-micron areas (approaching 100nm), high spatial resolution in X-ray mapping, and high detection sensitivity for trace elements.

Scanning Electron Microscopes

JEOL offers a wide range of tungsten and field emission SEMs with versatile capabilities for high resolution imaging and analysis.

Sample Preparation

JEOL offers unparalleled sample preparation capabilities. The CP produces pristine, artifact-free samples. It is routinely used to validate oil shale deposits.

Correlative Microscopy

Our correlative microscopy solutions simplify cross-platform navigation from light microscopy to SEM and EPMA.

ED-XRF Analysis

The ElementEye ED-XRF spectrometer analyzes major-to-trace components on most sample types with little or no sample preparation.

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