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Japan Electron Optics Laboratory.
JEOL Ltd. has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing electron optical instruments since its conception in 1949. NMR products were introduced by JEOL Ltd. in 1956 and Mass spectrometry instruments were offered in 1964. JEOL Ltd. is a global company with offices in 32 countries. JEOL USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of JEOL Ltd. was incorporated 1962.
Over 6,000 instruments have been delivered and installed in North and South America. Approximately 51,000 JEOL instruments have been installed worldwide.
JEOL is a leader in bringing high performance electron optic and analytical technology products to the global market. Nobel prize winners and esteemed international research professionals are part of our customer base. With JEOL you’ll never be without an answer – East to West Coast service coverage is available in the USA. We will work with you to customize a product solution to meet your needs. The JEOL Customer Commitment is with you for the life of the instrument.
Yes. You can register for classes for SEM, TEM, Mass Spec, and NMR instrument training. The courses are designed to familiarize the new user with alignment, operating functions and applications of the instrument relevant to the user’s area of interest. The courses include lecture sessions, but the focus is “hands-on-training”. Classes are offered in our Peabody, MA applications center, or at your facility using your instrument.
The courses listed here are designed to familiarize the new user with alignment, operating functions and applications of the instrument to the user's area of interest.
The JEOL USA service staff is in excess of 200 people. This number includes the corporate headquarters in Peabody, MA and 13 district offices across the USA. Each district office employs dedicated Service Managers who provide distributed dispatching for faster local service. In addition, JEOL employs factory-trained specialists for national service and support. The company services some 80 different models, including electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, NMR, electron beam lithography, and wafer inspection systems. JEOL guarantees an average of “next-day” response time for its service contract customers.
Yes, JEOL has received the National Semiconductor Supplier Award and has also received the Best Supplier Award from VLSI Research Inc. twice. In addition, JEOL USA has received the Omega Northface Award for the sixth consecutive year and in recognition for its commitment to providing exemplary service and exceeding customer expectations.
Yes, we have two guides that will help users new to the SEM, and those who would like an overview of general knowledge of the SEM:
NMR spectrometers are actually easier to use than ever. The coupling of NMR instruments with today’s high performance computers have made NMR spectrometers with walk up, open access available to all. JEOL NMRs can be shared among multiple sites using remote access control. Auto sample changers and auto tunable probes can further enhance this type of operation.
You can download a free version of JEOL’s DELTA NMR software for you use on your PC, or contact your local JEOL Analytical Instruments sales representative for more information.
DELTA NMR software is available using Windows™ XP, Windows™ 2000, MAC OS-X 10.3 or higher, and Linux operating systems.
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