JEM-2100Plus LaB6 TEM

Transmission Electron Microscope

JEM-2100Plus Transmission Electron Microscope

The JEM-2100 Plus is a multipurpose 200kV LaB6 TEM that provides solutions for a wide range of applications from materials science to medical/biological studies, all at a low cost of ownership.

Achieving superior performance through intuitive operation, the JEM-2100Plus advanced control system allows integration of STEM, EDS, and EELS as well as remote operation.

For ease of use, the “TEM Center” software displays column controls, STEM operation, and camera operation compactly in a single screen. Operation is intuitive and uncomplicated. The operator can easily select a wide range of illumination modes at the touch of a button. 

To acquire images and diffraction patterns there is an optional JEOL-made bottom-mount camera called the “Matataki Flash” camera with a cutting-edge sCMOS sensor.

The JEM-2100Plus features a high-stability goniometer stage specifically tuned for high tilt tomographic applications. An x/y piezo stage is an available option.

The JEM-2100Plus has three independent condenser lenses, optimizing probe conditions for any given probe size for a variety of application such as EDX or NBD. This allows for improved analytical and diffraction capabilities giving quality results quickly and effortlessly. The patented JEOL Alpha Selector™ allows a user the selection of a variety of illumination conditions, ranging from full convergent beam to parallel illumination. The standard incorporation of the objective mini lens means that Lorentz microscopy is a standard feature of this microscope. A high contrast aperture is available for any choice of polepiece, allowing high contrast imaging and simultaneous EDS.

The JEM-2100Plus offers a number of pumping options including full dry-pumped/turbo-pumped versions for lab environments that do not allow for oil-based or rotary pumps.

Key Features

  • Wide range of selectable objective lenses based upon your application requirements (UHR, HR, HT, HC, Cryo).
  • Fine probe analysis and Nano Beam Diffraction. Probe size <1nm.
  • Superb and effortless atomic/lattice imaging capabilities <0.14nm with Point-Point resolution guaranteed as low as 0.194nm with the UHR Objective lens.
  • Cryo screening capabilities.
  • Crystallographic Micro Electron Diffraction option.
  • Tomography-capable offering a large range of tilt (¬+80°) and the ability to acquire 3D images with simple operation.

Application Notes

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