NeoScope™ Benchtop SEM


NeoScope™ Benchtop SEM JCM-7000

This 4th generation NeoScope JCM-7000 incorporates advanced technology and functions that make it simple for users at any skill level to obtain outstanding SEM images and elemental analysis results in minutes. It is equipped with a large chamber, high and low vacuum modes, secondary and backscatter electron detectors, real-time 3D imaging, highly-advanced auto functions and the option to add a fully embedded EDS with real-time, 'Live' analysis.

This 4th generation NeoScope™ is SMART-FLEXIBLE-POWERFUL.

Smart –The latest innovations built to our benchtop platform make this SEM accessible to everyone. Seamless navigation across the sample allows you to quickly go from an optical image to high resolution SEM imaging and analysis. Automatic condition setting based on sample type and application ensures high quality results and enhances productivity. Highly-advanced auto functions generate images of exceptional fidelity.

Flexible – Choose a platform that is right for you. Add options such as our Stage Navigation System (color camera), fully-embedded EDS for elemental analysis and Smile View Map for 3D image reconstruction and surface texture analysis.

Powerful – The high resolution W filament source allows magnification up to 100,000X. A benchtop SEM with both secondary electron and backscatter electron detectors, plus high and low vacuum modes allow for the study of a wide variety of sample types. Automated montage is built-in for high resolution view over a larger area. Includes montage X-ray map with EDS option. The BSE detector supports live 3D imaging for intuitive knowledge of sample surface shape.

Live Analysis

Our analytical model includes JEOL's fully embedded EDS system which provides real time EDS spectra during image observation. With Live Analysis you can:

  • View EDS spectra in real time as you search for the area of interest.
  • Set analysis points, areas, map position and line scan from the live image observation screen.
  • View major elements as displayed on the live EDS window.

Key Features

  • Zeromag – Simplifies Navigation and enhances throughput. Provides a seamless transition from an optical (or holder graphic) to SEM image
  • Highly-advanced Auto functions for automatic condition setting and image formation in minutes
  • High resolution (100,000X) and large depth of field
  • High and low vacuum modes for managing a wide variety of samples
  • Advanced functions built-in such as: Automated montage and Live 3D Imaging
  • Smile View™ Lab for integrated management of image and analysis data

Application Notes


Easy Filament Replacement in the JEOL NeoScope

LabTube Meets JEOL NeoScope Benchtop SEM

Seamless navigation with ZeroMag – Plus live EDS analysis

Live 3D imaging for intuitive knowledge of sample surface shape

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