JEOL USA Photomask / Direct Write Lithography

JEOL produces both front-end and back-end tools for advanced semiconductor research and manufacturing. From e-beam lithography systems and FE-SEMs used to write high precision masks, reticles, and wafers…to FIB/SEM solutions for high throughput, cross-section imaging…to defect review tools designed for rapid analysis…JEOL photomask and direct write lithography equipment meets the increasingly sophisticated needs of fabs and research laboratories. JEOL offers leading-edge solutions for 200/300mm, nano-fabrication processes, and nanoscience research -- backed by award-winning 24/7 service support and long-term commitment to our customers.

Electron Beam Lithography


Direct Write Systems


High Throughput Direct Write System


Mask/Reticle Fabrication


Please see our list of applications to meet your scientific needs.
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