Focused Ion Beam Sample Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy 

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) is used to prepare very thin – typically 100nm or less - samples for the Transmission Electron Microscope. JEOL’s FIB-SEM combines sample preparation with high resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging at nanometer-scale resolution, making it possible for the exact region of interest, such as a grain boundary or defect, to be investigated. 
The FIB technique uses a finely focused beam of ions to mill a region of interest, while the SEM uses a focused beam of electrons for imaging. The system can be operated at low beam currents for imaging or at high beam currents for site-specific milling.  
JEOL FIB-SEM systems are widely used in the semiconductor industry, and in both materials and biological sciences applications. JEOL offers three different models: 

Semiconductor and Materials FIB-SEM

JEOL’s new JIB-PS500i FIB-SEM offers the cutting edge in sample preparation, imaging and analysis. This multipurpose FIB-SEM features a large chamber/stage and TEM-Linkage enables a new high-throughput, robust workflow from specimen preparation to TEM imaging.  
The JIB-4700F Multi Beam System is used for materials to enable morphological observations in three dimensions, and elemental and crystallographic analyses for a variety of specimens.

Cryo FIB-SEM for Biological and Biopolymer Samples

For frozen specimens, JEOL’s new CRYO-FIB-SEM incorporates a liquid nitrogen cooling stage and cryocooled specimen transfer mechanism with built-in sputter coating function. Coupled with JEOL’s Cryo-ARM, a powerful workflow solution for cryo-electron microscopy can be realized.


JEOL offers three solutions for Focused Ion Beam milling.



This CRYO-FIB-SEM system incorporates a liquid nitrogen cooling stage and a cryocooled specimen transfer mechanism for frozen specimens, making it possible to prepare TEM specimens such as biopolymers.


A multipurpose FIB-SEM that delivers the synergy of fast sample preparation, SEM imaging and EDS analysis in a single instrument.


Combines SEM with FIB column for high-resolution SEM observation and analysis after high-speed cross-section milling with FIB.


Please see our list of applications specific to Focused Ion Beam.
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