JEOL USA Focused Ion Beam

Advances in the development of new materials featuring complex nanostructures places increased demands on FIB-SEM instruments for exceptional resolution, accuracy and throughput. In response, JEOL has developed the JIB-4700F Multi Beam System and the to be used in morphological observations, elemental and crystallographic analyses of a variety of specimens.

The JIB-4000PLUS is a focused ion beam milling & imaging system (single-beam FIB system) featuring a high-performance ion optical column. The accelerated Ga (gallium) ion beam is focused onto a specimen to enable SIM image observation of the specimen surface, milling, and deposition of materials like carbon or tungsten. The system also enables preparation of a thin-film specimen for TEM imaging and a cross-section specimen for observing the interior of the specimen. In addition, the JIB-4000PLUS can be equipped with a 3D observation function and an automatic TEM specimen preparation function; thus the system meets a variety of needs for specimen preparations.


JEOL offers two solutions for Focused Ion Beam milling.

  • JIB-4700F
    Combines SEM with FIB column for high-resolution SEM observation and analysis after high-speed cross-section milling with FIB.
  • JIB-4000PLUS
    Focused ion beam processing and observation system (single-beam FIB system) featuring a high-performance ion column.