JEOL Instrument Training

At JEOL, we believe that effective training optimizes the performance of our instruments. Through comprehensive training classes in operation of electron microscopes, NMR, and mass spectrometers, we teach our customers how to get the most from their JEOL instruments.

Our training courses are designed to familiarize the new user with alignment, operating functions, and applications of the instrument to the user’s specific area of interest. Our experience in imaging and analysis is unmatched. Our expert microscopists and spectrometrists help our customers with a myriad of challenges - exotic biological specimens, metal fractures, volcanic ash, explosives – virtually any application that exists for these scientific tools.

Hands-on Training

JEOL courses provide a maximum of hands-on training as well as lectures that encourage participation. Class sizes are typically limited to five students per instrument, and training is adapted to all levels of experience.


Training for one student is typically included in the purchase of a JEOL instrument. For additional training, or training on an older instrument, tuition payments cover all course materials, lectures and instrument time. Lunch is provided. All other meals, travel and lodging are the responsibility of the student.

Scheduling and Registration

To contact us or register for a course, please choose below based on your JEOL instrument:

  • Additionally we teach classes at our customers’ sites, please contact us to arrange on-site training.
  • PLEASE NOTE: For those customers not residing in North America, please contact your local JEOL Sales office for further information regarding training courses.

    Additional Microscopy Training Resources

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