ElementEye JSX-1000S XRF

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

ElementEye JSX-1000S XRF

An easy-to-use, smart solution for high-sensitivity elemental analysis, this benchtop ED-XRF spectrometer analyzes major to trace components on most sample types - solids, powders, liquids - with little or no sample preparation. The ElementEye easily complements SEM, EPMA, NMR, and mass spectrometry analyses when needed.

The ElementEye is capable of 50kV excitation and features our newest silicon drift detector (SDD) technology. Coupled with JEOL's advanced Fundamental Parameters (FP) method, this instrument provides high-sensitivity qualitative and quantitative analysis results in minutes. Thin Film FP method is optionally available for non-destructive measurement of film thickness on coated samples.

High-sensitivity analysis can be performed across the entire energy range using a maximum of 9 types of filters and a sample chamber vacuum unit.

An optional 12-position auto sample changer speeds analysis with continuous acquisition.

Key Features

  • Touch screen operation
  • Pre-recorded recipes for standard solution applications: RoHS, Metals (Air/Vacuum *), Oxides (Air/Vacuum *), Organic Materials (Air/Vacuum *)
  • High-sensitivity SDD and short-path optical system for high throughput analysis
  • Advanced Fundamental Parameter (FP) methods for accurate quantification without standard samples. 
  • Residual balance and thickness correction for organic samples
  • XRF data can be imported into and integrated with EPMA Software
  • Chamber Vacuum Unit
  • 12-Position Auto Sample Changer
  • Filter Set
  • Software Solutions:
    Filter FP method, Thin Film FP method, Ni plating screening, Sn plating screening, Halogen screening, Sum peak removal
* Optionally available


Watch the video Introduction to JEOL ElementEye Benchtop ED-XRF

Application Notes

Analysis of Cracks in Brass Piping Parts.pdf Download
Analysis with Separation of As and Pb in Iron and Steel.pdf Download
Emerging SEM Technology.pdf Download
Film Thickness by Thin Film FP Method.pdf Download
Plating Analysis - Collaboration of SEM and XRF.pdf Download
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Metal Alloys by FP Method.pdf Download
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Inorganic Elements in Plastic by FP Method.pdf Download
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Oxides using the FP Method.pdf Download
Quick and Easy Analysis Solution - Soil Screening.pdf Download
X-Ray Fluorescence Helps Identify Peaks in DART Mass Spectrum of Electrical Tape - ElementEye JSX-1000S and AccuTOF-DART.pdf Download

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