Large Angle SDD-EDS

Ultrafast Elemental Mapping of S/TEM Samples

Large Angle SDD-EDS

JEOL, currently the largest EDX detector manufacturer in the industry, has developed a number of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) for various applications ranging from 60mm 2 to 158mm 2. JEOL SDD detectors deliver unparalleled EDX analytical results for a wide range of materials, offering solid angles as high or greater than 2.2sr depending upon the TEM/STEM configuration.

Utilizing JEOL’s unique, on-the-fly “Lossless Drift Compensation”, large pixel EDX maps can be generated at up to atomic resolution, even for beam sensitive or 2D materials, at various accelerating voltages. In addition, JEOL’s spectrum imaging saves not only the entire spectrum data set but also each individual spectral slice, allowing for the specific summing of any number of frames collected during an experiment, which is useful for in-situ experiments.

The addition of the JEOL/IDES EMD Synchrony 50ns electrostatic beam blanker offers control of the electron dose at each individual pixel while cutting the “flyback” weighted issues that all other EDS systems are known to have. Quantitative analytical results are generated utilizing either K-Factors or ζ-Zeta factors, providing as accurate Quant results as possible for your sample. Contact a JEOL representative for a live demo or sample run on your materials to see what results JEOL can generate to better understand your materials.

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As described in Physics World, JEOL's large angle SDD EDS with large solid angle was used to detect single atoms within a nanostructure. The research was published in Nature Photonics.

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Key Features

  • Large solid angle Single or Dual SDDs.
  • Lossless drift compensation for unparallel fast elemental mapping up to atomic resolution.
  • Auto playback of any number of EDX spectral frames from any point in the experiment.
  • ζ-Zeta factors for accurate Quantitative analysis.
  • Flexible EDX linescan extraction allowing the data to be summed and overlayed directly on the image.
  • Data output to Word, PowerPoint or as a pdf so that your results are easily accessible by collaborators. WYSIWYG.

Designed by JEOL Exclusively for JEOL TEMs


Live-time DRAM Map analysis using Large Angle SDD-EDS mounted on JEOL ARM200

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