Large Angle SDD-EDS

Ultrafast Elemental Mapping of S/TEM Samples

Atomic resolution EDS mapping
Mag: X150M

Atomic resolution EDS mapping
Mag: X80M

High speed EDS mapping
Au on TiO2 catalyst
Mag: X1.5M

High speed EDS mapping
As-doped transistor area
Mag: X400K

High sensitivity for low energy X-rays.

Detection of light elements with excellent energy resolution.

Ultrafast Elemental Mapping of S/TEM Samples

This next-generation Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) EDS from JEOL collects X-rays from S/TEM samples at an unprecedented large solid angle of up to 0.98 steradians from a detection area of 100mm2.

Through efficient collection of X-rays at very high count rates, the detector's design speeds elemental mapping and improves element detection sensitivity without loss of energy resolution. Large pixel number EDS maps can be made at rates ten times faster than with the previous EDS designs, with excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Combined with the large probe currents in small probe sizes attainable with aberration corrected STEM, fast, efficient atomic resolution EDS analysis is possible.

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As described in Physics World, JEOL's large angle SDD EDS with large solid angle was used to detect single atoms within a nanostructure. The research was published in Nature Photonics.

Large Angle SDD-EDS Details

  • High sensitivity, high throughput analysis
  • Exponentially expands the elemental mapping capability for the JEOL 200kV and higher nano-area analysis TEM.
  • The automatically retractable side entry design allows fast repositioning to avoid irradiation from back-scattered electrons.

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