NEW! GC/Triple Quadrupole MS
for trace analysis.

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SpiralTOF MALDI Image of nicotine in a fingerprint

GC x GC / HRMS Analysis of diesel fuel

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Nanotechnology Applications

Nanomaterials Applications

Life Science Applications

  • 3-D structural analysis of proteins and DNA [ NMR ]
  • Applications to proteomics [ MS ]
  • Observe 3-D protein structures, inside cells, ID viruses [ TEM
  • Morphological & colloidal gold marker observation [ SEM ]

IT / Semiconductor Applications

  • Writing patterns on substrates, mask creation [ EBX, SEM, EBL ]
  • Defect analysis [ PM, FIB, SEM ]
  • Particle analysis [ WPA, WS/EDS ]
  • Wafer-surface roughness measurement [ SEM ]
  • Depth profile [ AES ]

Environmental Applications

  • Analysis of contaminants [ MS ]
  • Analysis of dusts and catalysts [ TEM, NMR, ESR ]
  • Analysis of corrosive materials [ EPMA, AES ]

Nanotechnology is the key to developing novel and significantly improved materials. In the incredibly small world of the nanometer (1/1,000,000mm, or ten times the size of a single atom), scientists manipulate and synthesize molecules, atoms, and the molecular building blocks of life.